Monday, December 05, 2005

Things I Love... is such a strong word. Much stronger than hate. And I LOVE that! Hate doesn't stand a chance as long as love exists. And exist it does. I think it's interesting that there is little scientific debate on the subject of love, yet the myriad of arguments of whether there is a God cannot be counted. If you've ever experienced love (and I know you have) it seems silly to enter into an argument on whether it exists or not. Having been 'in' it, with it, near it, or the object of it, you KNOW it exists. Same holds true of God. After all God IS Love!

If ever you're having a less than stellar day, may I suggest you do what I did today while thinking about this blog...think about things you love, it made my day! So here goes. This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

Things I Love...

I love that I actually know the author of Love.
I love that He wants me even though He knows me so well.
I love sunshine.
I love California driving.
I love deep laugh lines.
I love 6 siblings.
I love being 'daddy'.
I love that love is different everyday.
I love that everyday is different.
I love the way my eyes feel when there are stars in them.
I love the silence of newfallen snow.
I love being loved.
I love poffertjes.
I love music that sends chills down my spine.
I love that love and pain will spend eternity apart.
I love that my friends challenge me.
I love the bliss of endless rolling waves pounding the shore.
I love that 'mundane' is just a word, not a sentence.
I love the sound of my kids peacefully sleeping.
I love wind in the trees.
I love a particularly good apple martini.
I love sunsets.
I love words.
I love hot sand under my feet.
I love that it's okay just to be me.
I love resisting wrong for the right reasons.
I love that God calls me baby.
I love wonder and amazement and awe.
I love seeing people I love smiling.
I love love love love laughing.
I love that this isn't home.
I love dogs.
I love sarcasm.
I love sitting in front of my fire with all the lights out, having a quiet time.
I love that I got the leftover sense of humor in my'll always be better tomorrow.
I love to sing like an idiot when nobody's listening.
I love helping people in need.
I love going fast.
I love knowing another language.
I love knowing that there is so much that I don't really know.
I love having been born with the capacity to love.

Thanks for reading....oh, and by the way, I LOVE it when you comment. :)


freeman said...

I remember years back being told that spending some quiet time in the morning focusing on what's important gives a person the balance to make the day a good one. I spent some time reading your stuff just now. Today's gonna be a good day.

Anonymous said...

I love knowing your heart. Mark

Steph said...

I love my friends.
I love that I have such great ones.
I love that my 14 year old still calls me Mommy.
I love that God's plan for me is perfect.
I love that I've been knocked down so many times and have always gotten back up.
I love that I always will.
I love the sound of wind through trees (come know you stole that one! ;)
I love purple flowers.
I love to love people with all of my heart.
I love that I was raised to understand what it means to be rich.
I love that I'm so close to my brother and sister.
I love old people and hearing their stories.
I love that you love my apple martinis.
I love that my word verification is that oh-so-overused word "cwuzzt."

This is the short list.

You have no idea how much I needed this today.
Thank you.

Steph said...

I love both of the comments above mine.

Anonymous said...

I loved this blog more than I hated the "hate" blog. So much more happiness and joy in this one.
I truly love that you've started this blog. Its opening a whole new world! TKJ

John said...

Thanks guys for your comments.
Steph, I did NOT steal the 'wind in the trees'...I've loved that since before you were born...remember, I'm one of those old people and that's no story! ;)

Steph said...

Oh, yeah. I forgot about the 50 year age difference.