Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It Hardly Seems Possible...

...13 years ago today I became a father for third time. I say it like that because each experience of becoming a father is completely different. I don't like to say I became a father again, or simply that we had another child. As if any of it is remotely the same. Each child is an original experience. Their birth. Their baby-ness. What they do to my insides. How we navigate in, around, and through each other. I love each of my kids uniquely.

Today, however, I get to celebrate the birth of my youngest. Holy Cow! How did he turn 13 when I'm still 25?? How did he become smarter than me? Why do I have to ask him how he thinks I should vote on I-933? When did tickling become passe and girls become okay? Ah well, these are the unanswerable questions that life hands me by the bucket full. The funny thing is, my son seems to have been blessed(?) with the same ability to ask questions and I love it!

The other day we were stopped at a stoplight and there were three kids approximately his age, kind of oddly dressed, that were acting typically teenage-y, that caught his eye. He said nothing, just observed. Maybe 10 minutes later as we were still driving, he asks, "Dad, the plural of cactus is cacti, right?" "Yeah", I reply. "And the plural of alumnus is alumni, right?" "Yeah" ...long pause. Then he says, "Well I can only surmise then, that those dudes at that last corner would be a group of dufi." How hilarious is that!?? It was then that I reached over and tousled his hair and soaked in another moment. I love being his dad!

Happy Birthday to him!

And a great day to the rest of you :)