Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Am Thankful That...

I am in full possession of my faculties.

My senses do what they were designed to do.

If I want to I can remember many, many things.

I am not hungry.

I have experienced music and art and great pleasure.

Physical aching is minimal to me.

My roof doesn't leak.

I have been called daddy, dad, friend, brother, son and husband.

I know what a quenched thirst feels like.

It is better to give than to receive is more than a saying to me.

My heart beats in regular rhythm.

My prayers don't stop at the ceiling.

My blood runs through the veins of three amazing young people.

I understand simple depth.

Enjoyment is not foreign concept.

There's such a thing as coffee.

I am loved incomprehensibly.

I know how tears taste.

I know YOU.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Words to Nowhere

I'm sitting alone in the dark, writing words to nowhere. I'm lonely. And tired of it. It all sounds so pathetic, doesn't it? Especially from a man who has faith in The God that is big enough to make Himself small enough to fit in his heart. Doesn't make much sense, does it? The fact is, I am loved so far beyond the widest edge of my imagination that it makes my head swim if I think about it long enough. And yet this persistent loneliness won't leave me alone. Humanness sucks on Sunday nights. And it doesn't make sense.