Thursday, February 26, 2009


Have you ever wondered what it is you're oblivious to? I do. I know for a fact that there are things that I am simply clueless about; Things about my own being. Blindspots. Things that others see clearly about me that I simply don't see-- for whatever reason. Maybe because I don't want to, because I don't care enough to, maybe because I haven't looked, or am afraid to look, or don't know where to even start looking. I consider myself a fairly introspective person, but I also know that I see things through a clouded lens. The thing is, I'm not sure if the fog on the lens is good for me or something I use as an excuse to continue to bump into the obstacles. What would my life look like with a slippery clean, brand new view? Would I be good at walking without falling? I have found that the falling always hurts, but it has also made me better at it, my question is, is that really the point? Falling isn't necessarily effortless, but it usually the easier of two options. Why not get better at the more difficult things and less adept at the easy ones? Maybe I'm just crazy. Maybe THAT'S my blindspot!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This morning I woke up
and said hello to the ceiling
Poured my coffee into my cup
with that same familiar feeling

I'm gonna be okay; I'm gonna be alright
As long as there's day at the end of each night
I'm gonna be okay.
As long as dark is still chased by the light
I'm gonna be okay

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Five good things to do on an early February Saturday

1. Get up early and beat the old codgers to Denny's.

2. Drink hot, freshly ground and brewed coffee at home first.

3. Get a rip-snortin' fire going in the woodstove.

4. Crank up the music.

5. Feel what you feel.

My life has it's share of 'have to' lists just like yours, but they can wait, can't they? In a world where complication seems to be the norm, I'm still in love with simple. There is something very comforting in simple things. Maybe that's just me.