Saturday, February 07, 2009

Five good things to do on an early February Saturday

1. Get up early and beat the old codgers to Denny's.

2. Drink hot, freshly ground and brewed coffee at home first.

3. Get a rip-snortin' fire going in the woodstove.

4. Crank up the music.

5. Feel what you feel.

My life has it's share of 'have to' lists just like yours, but they can wait, can't they? In a world where complication seems to be the norm, I'm still in love with simple. There is something very comforting in simple things. Maybe that's just me.


Cheryl said...

6. And after you've finished putzing the day away, put away the coffee and pour yourself a nice glass of wine. :)

Ame said...

i live for and crave simple things. i'm thankful to have passed that onto my girls. my Oldest let the dog out, and seeing bright light walked outside to find an almost full moon directly overhead! she ran in the yard, froliking like the little girl she is and once was, enjoying the simplicity of a bright moon overhead. i love that :)

Lori said...

It's hardly just you.
Thank goodness there's still some of that left...