Friday, January 23, 2009

Night has come, or has it fallen? Which ever the case may be, it is here. And in it's midst am I. There are stars up high in the silence where no man has been, yet every man has dreamed of. Below them is where we will live for a time. Do you wonder if they dream what it's like down here? Down here from where the voices and the laughter emanate. Do they dream of colors and sunlight and showers of noise?

I wonder what will happen when my dreams and my wonder and the stars collide.


Lori said...

There are nights when the stars are so bright and the sky so clear that everything seems so close and attainable. It's nights like those that make me glad I'm living in the middle of nowhere!

May your dreams all come true, and your wonders never cease..

Ame said...

i wonder if it really is that silent up there in the stars ... after all, their Creator calls them by name :)