Friday, December 16, 2005

I have, not a cold!

So today as I was reading through one of my son's books about the immigration of America, I came across the following story...remember it's fiction written for children so don't get your hopes up.

'....And Joey how did you chip your tooth anyway?" Mary asked. "I don't know...uh...well...I....." "The truth would be nice Joey, just this once." she snipped. Joey's mind whirled nervously for a moment, wanting to find just the right words that wouldn't get him fired. "Lord! Just spit it out son!!" Mary said impatiently, letting her German roots show. "You see, Chris Hascomb and me...Geez I'm sorry Mary, mus I really tell you? You ain't gonna fire us are you? You see ever since our ship berthed in the harbor that day, Chris has been threatening to tell you about the letter I wrote to the 3C ranch tellin' them I was intendin' to work for them 'stead of you, and well...I'd finally had enough of his threats and we had it out Mary. There! I said it." Mary stood silently for a moment, shaking her head, slowly she said "Joey, Joey, you know what you need is not to be fighting but to be verking." Joey could never understand why Mary spoke every English word so well except that one......'

Of course at this point you're probably saying to yourself, "I need to get a life, this guy's a complete nutcase!" or something of similar verbage. But wait!! Lest you think this nothing more than a nonsensical and innocuous story let's dig deeper into it. Let's break the code. Let's call it 'Da Vandy Code' (after a not-yet-famous dutch guy somewhere). There's something hidden here I can just sense it. Can you? Well go get some caffeine and indulge me then!

If you're going to play along you're going to need a piece of paper and a pencil. Preferably a number 2. Because who even owns any other kind? Are you ready? This is fun huh? Okay...the first hidden treasure is found in the following words...word number 10, followed by word number 64, (yeah, it's okay to tap the screen while counting aloud...I made up this game, I should know) and then word number 72. And in case that's not incredible enough here's another gem...the 14th word, the 16th, and 148 followed by number 172. Are you beginning to see a pattern? Me neither. Okay, this one'll floor ya for sure....sharpen your pointing/counting finger...words 68, 81, 90, and 95!!! Don't tell me that's just a coincidence folks! I might be dumb might YOU!

In case any of you are still skeptical, here's the final biggie. I mean, this one will blow you off the map, even if you don't believe in maps! Ready go! Word number 2, number 8, then 15, 31,40, then 48, followed by 65, and then 105, and the ever tricky 110 (yep, it's one word), and finally...160!!!! There's just NO WAY anybody could've made this up!!!

Is there?


pvm said...

Seems that from the genesis of this blog , a few people have taken an exodus, so rather than simly hangin' around in your Levi's t cuss, I'd move away from the numbers on that thought to keep you from being deuteur from writing more. Not Joshing or judging, just noting that even Ruth, the prodigious slugger, sometimes didn't hit it out in the 1st or the 2nd, but the daily Chronicles usually included stories about the the King.

(that's as much old testament I can muster into a paragraph)

Keep writing: there is no wrong. (Psalm 151 versus an ancient proverb.)

Sam - the Yule tide Christmas man


Steph said...

My brain is spinning and Pete's comment didn't help.

John said...

So then...

Mary Chris mus

Know well no well

Geez us berthed day

And of course...

Joey tooth uh whirled the lord Hascomb letter 3C verking!!