Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Moonshine and Hot Chocolate

It's not officially winter until the 21st of the month but I'd have to say winter (of the unofficial variety) is here. Brrrrrrr! It is SO cold and clear tonight. The moon is absolutely magnificent though. As I was driving on my route earlier I actually delivered the last hour pretty much without ever turning on my headlights. The moon is that bright! Now where I deliver it's very rural, meaning that about a third of the roads I travel are not paved. As in...dirt. And there are no street lights to speak of so it can be very dark. Especially in some of the more heavily wooded areas. But not tonight. I'm sure the locals were wondering what the heck I was doing. Well, at least the ones that don't know me very well. The others were probably just smiling, knowing full well that I was reverting into a little boy...again. I hope they didn't see me hanging out the door with only my hand on the steering wheel...oh well, I really don't care. It was fun!

After work I decided I should get some shopping done even though I have no clue what I'm even looking for. I'm no further ahead now than I was yesterday. It was futile. If I'm not racing the clock or at least under some stress (usually placed on me by my kids) to actually buy something, I get paralyzed in a state of indecisiveness. That's what happened tonight. So I decided instead to swing through Starbuck's and get some hot chocolate and surprise some of my coworkers who had to work late (and in the cold). It was my mechanic and two evening clerks (who have thankless jobs that they always seem to do with a smile) and a night supervisor so we all sat around for a few minutes and enjoyed a hot chocolate. And warm smiles.

Bright light, bright smiles. Winter is going to be alright.


Anonymous said...

It was a spectacular Wash winter evening. I saw the same light. Mark

Pete said...

I want to write, I gotta work. Oh the painful story of life...... Last night as I flew into Ontario, the jet banked to the west and brought the moon into view over the left wing of the plane. Loved it. Loved it even more since almost everyone was watching the flickering orange lights of warehouses, streets and freeways out the other window. Always looking the other way, it seems. As usual, everyone seems to be looking the 'right' way and me? yep, the left way. Someday (or night if we're still discussing the moon) we'll know if the left way is really the right way or, as most right-leaning people imply to me, that it's the wrong way.

Think I'll go to Denny's and order some moons over my hammie.

tkj said...

Full moons have always been a highlight of my life. It's a reality that few people ever truly experience, yet is a wonderfull,"free gift from God" that happens several times a year. I too have driven without headlights and have had some of the most wonderfull (and safe!!) driving times of my life. One must only recognize the opportunities presented to us on a daily basis to really experience life. Most of the time the simpliest of things are the most rewarding. Glad you had the opportunity to experience such a wonderfull event!