Sunday, June 29, 2008

Simple Joy

I am a simple man, as you can tell by my blog design, but I am not simplistic. I have found there is no need for grand extravagance to find joy. All you need do is to notice what makes you smile. For me, it is these:

The smell of the coffee beans when you first open the bag.

A breeze that lingers in the blinds.

The way my daughter sings/says "aww" when she thinks something's cute.

The tenacity in my boy's eyes when he runs the basepath.

Seeing the steam rise out of my coffee cup while sitting in the morning sun.

The way my son works.

Throwing rocks at the lake.

Being woken by the brightness of sunshine.

Realizing that I am loved.

Watching my kids be themselves.

The promise of a day with sunshine AND heat.

I am a simple man, but joy is also simple. If you find it you will have found grand extravagance.


McSwain said...

And that's the simple truth. Well said, John.

Ame said...

yes :)

Lori said...

So true. I think that people try too hard to look for joy. It's everywhere, and anywhere because mostly, it's inside us.