Friday, June 27, 2008

Allergy Schmallergy!

Okay, so what if I'm allergic to summer, I've got to live with it. So today my youngest and I went to one of our favorite summer spots which is this freezing cold water stream with an amazing waterfall. Not many people even know about it around here. At least, that is what I surmise each time we go there and we are the only humans there.

The entrance to the creek is just a few feet away from the road, which is a meandering somewhat uninhabited country road that is flanked by the river on one side and woodsy hillsides on the other. The drive itself is almost worth the effort, but really it's the creek that makes it worthwhile for us.

For the first minute or so we try to traverse the edge of the water so as to keep our feet out of the frigid water. And when I say frigid I mean it's the kind of cold that makes your ankles ache right there in the back where your Achilles meets your heel. Bone chilling cold. But after your foot slips off the top of a mossy, slippery rock you simply succumb to the the facts. You will get wet. Your bones will ache. For a while.

We had a great time today realigning the flow of the water. That is to say, moving rocks and limbs out of jambed up crevices to allow the water to rip through in a new direction. Once we reached the waterfall we sat in the sun on the mist-soaked rocks and enjoyed the awe of it all.

Suddenly I'm not so allergic to summer after all.


Ame said...

that's incredible.

i'm always amazed at the beauty that God has created that no man will ever see ... a glimpse into how powerful beauty is to God ... that He would create so much for His pure enjoyment. why, then, should we not, as mere humans, enjoy His beauty with all of who we are, too :)

McSwain said...

What a gorgeous place! I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

I'm sweltering today in 104 degrees of SoCal heat. I suffer from the other side of the weather: too hot to do anything outside! Sounds like Skagit, doesn't it?

I remember the forgotten creek. Thanks for putting the pix up. Good stuff from the time we did this last year. Looks really great. Think I'll do that one myself in the next couple weeks when I get back in town.

Miss doing this kind of stuff together, bro. Too easy to let the world grab all the time!

Enjoy the 4th!

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