Friday, June 06, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Washingtonians don't tan, we rust.

Here it is the 6th day of June and the sun has yet to be seen this month.

We have a rain festival here in Washington. It runs from January 1 until December 31.
It's not exciting, but 50 million slugs can't be wrong.

May we rust in peace.


Ame said...


i'm sorry ;( ,,,

i was talking to my friend a little bit ago ... he was telling me how it's raining there, too. ya'll just need to move to texas ;)

McSwain said...

So sad. I'd take a moment of silence for you, but I'm too busy enjoying the sunshine.


If you don't move to Texas, SoCal's a good spot, too.

Lori said...

I won't suggest you move here because though it's sunny a lot, the rest of the time we have torrential rain and tornadoes....not a good spring here in KS.

Rust in peace. Cute.

P.S. My niece gets married next March in Seattle. I plan to come out then and rust myself!

Anonymous said...

June-u-ary with regard to wet that I am growing weary of.

Thinking of you John while I am listening to your music and wonder of your mood and choices.

Myself however...I'm feeling an increase in my estrogen and wanting to binge on pecan/banana/chocolate chip/garlic ice cream and pinnaple juice. Maybe I'll just finish the rest of this jasmine tea and curl up to a good chapter of Little House on the Praire.

Whoa....where's my Eagles "Get Over It"..... That was close. Going to hit my thumb with a hammer and get some Pearl Jam flowing to counter act ....

Still...after your music...I am strangly attracted to you.

Whoa...this is powerful...time to go shave and wax...

Yikes!!! Come on Eddie Veder...kick in soon...this is getting scary.

Mark (M, 51, 6'0", 185) for a while anyway. How do I turn this music up....I mean off.....errrrrr