Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things I Don't Get

Many times during a day I will find myself saying this to myself: "I wonder why that is." I mean, let's face it, there are lots of things I just don't get.

For instance--today, in a field that had just been cleared of it's wind rows of grass for silage, I saw 21 bald eagles. Twenty one! They were scattered all about a field of about ten acres or so and every one of them was facing the same direction. Not one of them looked as though it was going anywhere anytime soon. It was as if one of them--the leader, I suspect--called a meeting and they were waiting for it to begin. Weird. Very, very cool, but weird nonetheless.

Another little something that I don't get, and it bugs me to no end--why is that anyone would go UNDER the posted speed limit? After all, the road has been specifically designed for a vehicle to travel at a particular speed. They post the speed on a sign. Pretty simple. Essentially, the sign is saying 'It's safe to travel 55 MPH on this road' and yet people take it into their own hands to mistrust the engineers who studied and computed the speed limit and proceed at a snail's pace. To me, it's like going to the store with a 50 percent off coupon and telling the checker, "No, really. I only want 30 percent off. Whoever handed out these coupons must be nuts, you'll never make any money this way. 50 seems way outta line! 30 will be fine, thanks." It makes no sense at all to me.

And lastly....what ever happened to courtesy? Where did it go? How did it become passe? I sat at a crosswalk in front of a high school for what seemed like an eternity today because most of today's kids have no courtesy. None. They meandered in front of me like those cows that never come home; like ants that couldn't find their farm. To say that they were oblivious would be giving them too much credit. They were ignorant of oblivion. Maybe one of the new courses next year should be "How to behave in a society full of people that care about others." I doubt anyone would care to sign up.


Ame said...

my friend tells me of the eagles you have up there ... that amazes me ... the beauty surrounding you.

LOVE the analogy for driving the speed limit!!!!!!! i'm a pretty calm driver, but being behind a bunch of cars going 35 in a 45 DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!!!

John ... that course should not only be implemented, but it should be required with perfect attendance in order to graduate. i am SHOCKED at how many people walk in front of vehicles or others and CARE NOTHING ABOUT THE OTHER PERSON. your assessment here is absolutely, and very sadly, correct.

"Love and Logic" is the discipline philosophy implemented in the schools here. not a bad philosophy, but not the Bible, either. my Puerto Rican New Yorker friend emphatically states, "I'll give you a little love and logic!" her kids had better run when they misbehave ;)

Lori said...

I definitely think that kids should take a life skills class in school, and that includes social awareness of how to behave. Sadly, that's often not taught at home, where it should be learned.

I have to plead guilty on the speed limit thing. I guess I read it the other way. When the speed limit says 70, I take it that you can travel at whatever speed you feel comfortable, as long as you don't impeded others. But the limit...is 70. Don't surpass it. I almost always drive under the limit. I'm simply not in a hurry, it saves on gas and it's safer. There are people who zip around me often, but that's what the passing lane is for! ha ha
I've found that when I'm a little impatient with a slow driver in front of me, I think: That could be my elderly mother...a teenager who is nervous behind the wheel her first few times, someone who is coming from the doctor with a bad prognosis, someone who just got their heart broken. I know it's overanalyzing, but it kinda goes with your #3.

Ame said...

Lori - wow ... i've never thought of it that way, but it makes perfect sense! the speed limit is the LIMIT! i've always seen it as the *starting point* ;)

John said...

I didn't say I went OVER the speed limit, I just can't stand dilly dallying well below it!! So there.

McSwain said...

That course you mentioned? I teach it to 4th graders every day. It's more effective when parents teach it as well. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen so much in today's society. Most people seem to teach the "You are the center of the universe" philosophy instead.

Ame said...

Happy Father's Day!


so, you NEVER go over the speed limit?!!!