Friday, March 31, 2006

No Kidding?

On the eve of April Fool's Day I'm going to try to fool you. The following is a list of things about me and my life. Some of them true some of them not. See if you can pick out the ones that are NOT.

I bat lefthanded.

I throw righthanded.

I've proposed to two different women.

They both said "Yes".

I've been married only once.

My brother once threw out the first pitch at a Los Angeles Dodger game.

I've stood shoulder to shoulder with Sandy Koufax.

I once braided my wife's hair on a TV

I have auditioned for a Hollywood movie.

I have travelled 60-plus miles an hour in a car--backwards.

When my parents arrived at LAX from the Netherlands they and the eight people with them had a total of $12 to their names.

I can remember the license plate number of the car we drove when I was 6 years old.

I have called 16 different houses 'home'.

I still have my tonsils.

I can say "I love you" in four languages.

My dad never saw me get a basehit.

I've never been in a fistfight.

Being able to fly a plane has long been one of my dreams.

I've asked a Maybelleine model to dinner.

She said "Yes".

I weighed 89 pounds when I was freshman in high school.

I weighed 115 pounds when I graduated from high school.

Lobster is one thing I've never eaten.

I cry easily.

My favorite number is 7.

If I die at an age half-way between that of my dad at his death and my grampa at his, I will die when I'm 77.

My oldest brother is 7 years older than me.

In my 12 years of education (pre-college)I attended 7 different schools.

I graduated from high school in '77.

I was 17.

I am the 7th child born in my family.

I hate math.

My nose was broken by a friend of mine who was teaching me how to box.

I love words.

I sometimes think in spoonerisms.

At my core I am very shy and insecure.

My kids have been to more countries than I have.

I've attended three different colleges.

If requested, I can and have eaten live insects.

225 pounds is the most I've ever bench pressed.

I didn't attend my own high school graduation.

My first day of college I was 17 years old.

Once, I sang in a duet in front of my church.

I wouldn't think twice about driving to California for the weekend.

Okay. That should give you something to think about. Let's see how well you know me. See if you can guess what's NOT true and tell me. I'll give you a clue...NAH! I hate giving clues.

(Pete, you guess last:)


Anonymous said...

John, I should know you well enough. I know your oldest brother has got to be 17 or 18 years least.

225lbs seems a little too much. I know you were a mean are...but 225?

Colleges. I can't get three.

Koufax was more like hip to head.

Great to see you today and I hope dinner was perfect.

freeman said...

Ouch!! to whover anonymous is....(or was after I see him/her again!) 17 years older?

OK on the first shall be last request.

Anonymous said...

Sorry i didn't sign the anonoymous Freedawg. Forgot. No harm intended beyond a smile between friends.

(Age: Freeman minus a few)

freeman said...


no harm; no foul. I was just jesting, 'justin case u gessed difruntly.


Wonderland said...


When you 'blog around' as I do, it's hard to know a lot about everyone. Please allow me to make a couple of educated guesses/comments here:

Married only once? Two wives for the price of one??

After eating live bugs I could bench press 225lbs.

Just because you didn't attend your own high school graduation, does not necessarily mean that you graduated. You could have just skipped all the formalities and went right to college at the age of 17.

Could thinking in spoonerisms cause insecurities?? Naw, more research needed.

Never box with friends, you'll feel bad hurting them after they break your nose.

Just think of lobster as a 'Large Insect.'

For hating math, you sure keep track of a lot of numbers. I will agree with you, 7 should be your lucky number.

There you have it. Now you know what I think.

Hope your April Fool's Day went swell. Thanks for sharing.

John said...

Okay so maybe there was only one line in the whole entry that wasn't true and it was this: "some of them are true and some of them are NOT"...the rest of them are true.

Thanks for playing along kids! :)

freeman said...

so if you come to a fork in the road do you still think in spoonerisms?