Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bridge over the river...Why?

It's a beeeautiful day in the neighborhood! So today I took a little drive to take some pictures and as I was driving I had several thoughts. No, seriously, at least TWO thoughts. But they were both in Chinese and I don't speak or read Chinese so I have no idea what they were-or who sent them for that matter, but I do greatly appreciate them.

Do you ever brush your teeth and then go get a cup of coffee? Me neither, that would be stupid. Speaking of coffee, this blog is powered by my two favorite words... CAFF and EINE!...and possibly the giddiness that sunshine produces in our Vitamin B starved slice of the planet.

My 12 year-old son has to write a fictional narrative for school (duh! No he's writing it to get his pilot's license.)He named his main character, BillyBob Chang II (as in, the second). Okay, if that doesn't crack you up then maybe you've been sniffin' too many bus fumes. So far BillyBob has two sons named...Billy and Bob! (As long as the third child's name isn't 'The')

My 14 year-old made the JV soccer team at his high school. As a freshman!! And he hasn't played a lick of soccer in 3 years! No, it has nothing to do with the fact that his initials are JV.
I could get a personalized license plate that reads 'JV team' or 'Always JV' which of course assumes 'Never Varsity' should never assume anything. I've come to learn many things in my life and, well, as of yet, I haven't learned any of the things I came to learn.

Something that makes me want to say "YE" and then "HAW" is the fact that my Jessica's coming home next week for spring break. Today I sent her an official invite to have dinner with me while she's home...I'm hoping she says 'yes'. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and boy is it ever hard to type wif yer fingers crost.

A bird just smacked into my picture window in my living room. What makes a bird think he can fly right through your house? As if! Do I drive right through a birds' nest? I may have to plead the fifth on that one. I thought it was a hay bale perched on the branch to tell you the truth. I mean, horse flys eat hay don't they?

Oh, and by the way, I figured out how to post the picture, finally! Even though you can't tell by looking at it, the bridge in the picture is a railroad bridge. The tracks discontinue at each end of the bridge, they go nowhere. Hence the title.


Anonymous said...

John, a horse flies only at night actually. Thanks for being a friend and trusting me (us-JV blogsters)with the family stuff.

Except Talia, all, including Moms are here for dinner tonight. Should be a nice time. Keep bloggin.

freeman said...

My hand is raised to say that I know how to add a picture to the blog. Kwai, you ask? Because the computer guy in me - I wish he'd go away sometimes - has an inquiring mind that wants to know. so....

When you create a post, look at the icons above the text area you plan to write in. Toward the right hand side of the icons (second from the end? ...I'm doing this from memory so I don't know for sure) is a small - very small icon - that could be mistaken for a picture frame. Click on it and a new window will open up: Add a picture. To the right of the first blank area on the top left side of the page, you'll see the word 'browse'. Don't go to the grocery store and start walking the aisles! Click on that word instead. It'll open another window that shows the file folders on your computer. Scroll down that folder list until you find the folder that contains your pictures. Click on that folder and scroll / look around until you find the picture you'd like to put on the blog. Click it. Click OK. The connection with Blogger should then tell you that it is uploading your picture (THAT might take awhile with the dial-up you've got). When finished, it will simply say 'Done'. It will insert it into the text area that we talked about at the top of this little direction paragraph. You can then add a title, pretend you're an editor and add some explanation, a story, another picture...anything you want to that finishes the picture posting. EZ, huh?

fyi: drove (yup, that word again) from Yellowstone to Riverside yesterday so I'm comfortably staring at the computer in my early morning Caf fiend state of mind at home. I'll pretty much wander around aimlessly for the day to make up for the lack of a good night sleep, but it beats wandering around aimlessly at the Salt Lake City airport till late this afternoon.

Cool stuff about J the Second's story. If the third child is going to be named "the" , imagine the lifetime horrors of the fourth kid whose name is just 'second'. The word games on that one oughta keep you wide awake on your way to coupe de ville.

Tell your soccer pro son that he has a great uncle who was pretty damn good at soccer too. Was not as tall as the other guys on the team but used his height to his advantage. The center of gravity will mean he can run circles around all the storks on the field. Go get 'em J. The V is for victory.


Wonderland said...


Actually, I have brushed my teeth, chewed Wriggly Spearmint gum and then had coffee. Try it. You asked.


freeman said...

Missed your call last nite. Sorry 'bout that. I got to thinking yesterday that it was another Monday and wouldn't it be good to get some artichoke / jalapeno dip and chips along with a beer with my bro. Of the few downsides that come with spending my days in Southern Cal, not being able to just hang with you is one of them. Miss you.

Steph said...

The picture window is reflective to the bird. He doesn't know he's flying into your house, he thinks it's just an extension of the great outdoors. So the question here is (not to completely plagarize Seinfeld), "Why doesn't it swerve to avoid the other bird?"

Anonymous said...

John, Photos! Now your talking. Chow(chinese) Mark

freeman said...

Looks like the bridge out of the wild and Woolley (Hwy 9). Great metaphor, an old steel structure like that. (good picture, by the way.) Bridges unused become deadends. Old technologies die hard. Even tired things have beauty. Every road traveled serves its purpose. Rust never sleeps (oh yeah, Neil Young already used that one.) and on the lighter side (can steel have a lighter side?)a few reasons for the bridge: they just got tired of going to Sedro. The Army Corp of Engineers has another $5 million to tear down an eyesore. It's upriver's attempt at a fish ladder- they built it sideways then could figure out how to put it into the river. It's the first extension of King county's monorail system to accomodate the 2010 Winter Olympics. Salmon like the color.

Enjoy the weekend with the boys. Hope you can spend some time wtih Jessica too!

freeman said...

oops. on the fish ladder, I meant to say they "couldn't" figure out....