Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's Springy!

What. You thought I was going to debrief you on the "Briefly..." entry? Come on. Good things come to those that wait.

In the mean time, check out these pictures. Most of them were taken from the seat of my truck...while rolling. (Notice: I said 'rolling' not driving, since driving implies that I was in control of the vehicle at the time.)

Flowers are growing so fast you can almost hear them...listen. Hear that? That's what flowers sound like when they're growing. Really.

(Those are flower beds built into the bumper on the blue truck)


slskenyon said...

That top pic is absolutely fantastic--the sun on the water...brilliant, really.

freeman said...

Get mud on your nose taking the uphill photo of the daffodil? A little dark on the center but good eye (not the Australian kind) to put the sun behind the flower petals. Washingtonins, always finding ways to block out the sun. :-) Speaking of pedals: hey, you were rolling around in your truck - that musta been a very tall daffodil field!!

It's awfully quiet here this morning - I heard flowers growing.

C U later. Be back in town late Saturday so we'll catch up Sunday or Monday. Maybe watch some sweet 16 hoops, though it won't happen at my place since I shut down the TV: goodbye Comcast - it's time for yours truly to get a bit more edgy and see what the Internet can do with video (after all, I'm lucky enough to have a city license to broadcast over our fiber optics :-)

Anonymous said...

That blue truck has a bumper crop. hum.... And those big ones. Gosh those are tall flowers.

Nice pics John. You make me smile. I'd like to know how the dinner went. In person, as always, is best.

Got to run,