Monday, February 21, 2011

The Presidential Steps

My youngest and I sat here at my house and talked for FIVE solid hours yesterday! If ever a sentence deserved an exclamation mark, that one does. He's a very articulate, intelligent young man who stimulates my mind, my emotions, my body and my very soul.

To top it off, my son who is off at college texted me this: "What spiritual gifts do you observe in me?" delighted am I that he extends me the privilege of that question?!

My daughter is enjoying her own slice of the world far away in Texas, but thoughts of her turn the corners of my heart into the shape of a smile all day long.

Oh how I love my children!!! A great joy presides in me and in my steps on this President's day.


Cheryl said...

What, no "like" button? What a great question from your older boy. Wow.

Ame said...

WOWZA! my heart is doin flips for you, John! that's AWESOME!!!

may God continue to reward and shower blessings on your patient and steadfast heart, healing wounds and creating memories to pass down and last for many lifetimes.

Ame said...

btw - here's the link to my fav online free site for spiritual gifts test