Thursday, May 29, 2008

On Being Content

See this picture? Of course you do, I doubt I have any blind readers. See that mountain? It's beautiful huh? Yes it is. I took that picture not all that long ago of Mt. Baker, which I can see from my front window many, many days....Okay, maybe if you subtract that second 'many'. The thing is, I can't see it today. It is gray and drizzly and by most standards--dismal. But the mountain is still there.

Beauty is still beauty even when covered in gray.

Being content takes a lot of work. It takes knowing that what you see is not all there is. There is so much more to the picture. That's called faith. I can imagine many things, but I can't imagine a life without faith, can you?


Ame said...

wow, John ... your wisdom amazes me ... and convicts me ... and encourages me ... this is awesome ... thanks.

McSwain said...

No, I can't imagine. I'm glad I don't have to.

Your mountain reminds me of Mount Shasta, which I could see from my window throughout my growing up years, no matter how many times we moved. I miss her.

It seems that working for contentment should be a paradox. But leave it to you to realize that the two go hand and hand. Good man.

Anonymous said...

Thank you...your words blessed me tonight.

Lori said...

Absolutely not. I've often wondered how people who have no faith get through the difficulties that come to us all.

It's good to see someone who knows the meaning of contentment. It's more than just a fleeting emotion, but a state of mind where you find peace in yourself and faith in both the seen and unseen.

A lovely view out your window, John, no matter what kind of day.

oregoncelticlady said...

I stumbled in here through other blogs...Lori's I think! You have a lovely blog!

I spent teen years in Bellingham and looked out one window to Bellingham Bay and the other to Mt. Baker!!! Lovely country.....

Stop by sometime...I don't know how to link so I would need a comment from you to find my way back! =)

Anonymous said...