Sunday, May 18, 2008

No More Weeding for Me

There are lots of things that bug me about things I've heard in church in my lifetime. Ever since I was a wee lad (I just love saying that in an Irish brogue, by the way) the fact that the Bible says that the streets of heaven will be paved with gold just hasn't landed well in me. I mean the whole of the holy book is about life beyond here and in 'the kingdom come'. So why would the place we long to go to be advertised in such a materialistic way? Where's the anticipation in that? Trading one materialistic world for another?? Well, today when I was pulling weeds in my backyard ( I know, what a lame time to be thinking about such things, but hey, I was thinking about the curse of man and how it is our lot to toil all of our days on this little green Earth God gave us. So it's lame....consider the source) it hit me. Are you ready?? The reason the streets will be paved with gold is because the stuff is so plentiful and of so little value compared to the rest of heaven, they're going to use the stuff as asphalt!!!

Talk about an epiphany :)


McSwain said...

I've always thought it was interesting that John (not you, but the other one) described the city and the streets of gold "like transparent glass." I've never seen transparent gold before. I'm thinking maybe it was so other-worldly that he couldn't describe it, so he used what earthly comparison he could come up with.

I'd leave you 13 (well, 14 because... you know) comments, but people might start to talk.

Anonymous said...

If gardening results in epiphanies…weed away! --Mom McS