Friday, May 09, 2008

As you might well know by now, I am a big fan of words; how they fit together, how they come apart and why we use the ones we do when we do. I have never studied these things formally--I don't even own a suit--but they're a part of my thinking and since this little blurb is about my mind, well....what did you expect?

For example, if you study theology you're a theologian, but if you study geology you're a geologist.
If you make a comment you're a commenter, yet if you comment on television you're a commentator. Well, I may just be a common tater, but I can tell you that it just doesn't make sense.
If a fly flies by and then flies out a window, you say, "It flew out the window." But if a baseball player hits a fly and someone catches it, he flied out. Some of these things just don't fly with this here guy.
When you drive too fast it's called speeding and you, as the driver, are a speeder. But if you drive in manner that is reckless you are not recklessing, nor are you called a recklesser.
These are the silly little things that go through my mind all the time. It's nothing to lose sleep over. But then does one LOSE sleep?


McSwain said...

Seriously, you make me dizzy sometimes.

You're a dizzy-ator. Or maybe that's a dizzy-atist.

Lori said...

I think this is why people have such a difficult time learning our language. We usually have a couple of foreign-exchange students at our school and I've seen more than one perplexed look when I've used some of my "Lori-isms".

Reading your words, it looks like Dr. Seuss is not only alive and well, but living in Washington under an alias!

stephanie said...

This would be great stuff for my creative writing class. But tonight, it makes my head hurt.

Take a break (ponder how you might do that...!)

stephanie said...

I meant to add a friendly smiley face to my comment :) Reading it without the emoticon, I realize it sounds bitchy. Unintended...Carry on.