Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Sun and the Ocean

At evening, when the sun dips down to kiss the ocean, she blushes red and he shines bright. They hold fast each other slipping into the darkness, giving way to the moon and it's soft light. Nightly they show us their daily devotion as slowly they meet and the two become one.


McSwain said...

Beautiful photo, John. Did you take it? And reading that... well, who knew reading about a sunset could make ME blush red.

Ame said...

Ditto McSwain ;)



John said...

Ah, you guys are so kind! Thank you.

Yes. I took the picture, but God painted the sky.

McSwain said...

Amazing, isn't it? We see the sunrise on the way to school every morning, and my heart catches in my throat every single day as I'm reminded of the hugeness, of the beauty of our God. Awesome. You captured a gorgeous moment on film, and your written description... well, in the words of the infamous Paris Hilton, "That's hot."

Lori said...

Beautiful, John. Both the sky and the words. It's a different kind of sunset than those on my prairie, but no less beautiful.

Your words remind me of a time long's nice to see that there are still men out there with an eloquent pen.

McSwain said...

Spoonerisms, yes! Something like a malopropism, but different. Do you do them on purpose, or do they just slip out?

Hufflebed. Ha!

John said...

mcswain-oh believe me, they slip out.
But it can be fun too...I can tell the whole story of the pee thrittle ligs in spoonerisms.