Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It isn't....but it IS...

It isn't rocket science
but there is chemistry involved

It isn't a game
but it's best when there are x's and o's

It isn't a potion
but it is intoxicating

It isn't a disease
but it makes you dizzy

It isn't explainable
but you will know it

It isn't a flavor
but it's delicious

It isn't a novel idea
but there's a book about it

So...what is it???

It is LOVE!!
The very essence of God Himself. It is the most inexplicable, unfathomable, undeniable, indescribable, truest thing there is...just like God Himself.
This life is a journey of finding, knowing, grasping, holding, and giving of this crazy little thing called love.
(I dare ya not to get that Queen song stuck in your head now!)


Ame said...

Subliminal messaging here?!!! ;)


This is excellent. I *love* the way your mind works and how well you articulate that.

Have you thought about compiling your writings and perhaps having them published? If for no other reason, to give to your children and future grandchildren.

I cannot imagine how precious it would be to not only have a dad who loves God the way you do but who is also able to articulate that as well as you ... and then to have a copy of his works in my hand. Really, think about it ... an increcible and priceless gift for your kids and grandchildren and even great grandchildren :) .

(and I'd like a copy, too!)

McSwain said...

Very well written. I love it... hey! There's that word again!

Lori said...

Love...of course! I like this a lot....and yes, there goes that Queen song! But at least it's a good one! Happy Weekend..!