Sunday, January 01, 2006

So here we go!

As promised, here's the skinny. The ball fell, the calendar changed, and the cows finally came home. I don't think I'm any kind of prophet, but yesterday I mentioned the word 'rednecks', and wouldn't you know it, the hotel where we stayed was full of them. True to life, dyed in the flannel, "I got more teeth than you do" truckloads of them.

One of the reasons we really wanted to go to a hotel was to swim in the pool and sit in the jacuzzi. You know, things we can't do everyday. So we made our merry way down to the pool only to find that the whole Hatfield clan had beat us to the punch. Thing is, the pool was evidently too dang cold, so some of the boys went back up to them there rooms and got their garbage pails and commenced to bailing all that warm water out the jacuzzi into the big pool. Great idea Clem!! Only problem is, when that there jacuzzi starts to empty some sort of new fangled sensor must've kicked to high gear and started pumping new, colder water into the jacuzzi and wouldn't shut off. It wasn't long until both pools were overflowing with freezing cold water. But shucks, the Hatfields didn't even notice. See, they were too busy chuckin' frozen-water-soaked nerf balls at anything that moved. Even us city folk. We eventually just played along, figuring telling them to stop would have been as easy as hitting one of them in the tooth with a nerf ball. Let's just say there weren't a lot of toothy grins.

After that we decided to go back to our room to play games and watch all the festivities on TV for awhile. That didn't last long so we went to the lobby to ask, in typical tourist fashion, "what's there to do in this podunk town?" At which point we were oh so pleasantly pointed to the rack of 3 million pamphlets that had nothing to do with anything remotely possible to do at eight o'clock on New Year's eve. So we went to see 'Chronicles of Narnia'...again. We made it back just in time to watch the Hatfields circling the 3rd floor walkway banging on pots and pans! It was wacko!

Great start to 'just another year'.


Anonymous said...

It will be a good year John. Aslan is on the move and hope is aroused when he is.

Sorry it was not what you hoped for. I'm wondering what the Hatfields thought of you folks. People without NASCAR hats....wierd!

Glad to be on the journey with you in '06.


Pete said...

Sa ist en naat owz.
Tuoskin? Hebbe de maskeen naghhg tuoskin? Kizze ik flytze? Jon flytzee?

OK nuf Frisian for now...or ever :-) What you probably didn't realize that these folks were takin' their annual bath! Nerfballs? Them wuz speshul skrubbers ta git rid of deeodrant build-up.

Toothy or not tooth -ee. For us it's quite smilingly obvious, but for them thar Clem's, it wath ath if they were playin' with thomthin blindfolded. Thee?


As a parent, we usually don't get to decide which event is a great memory for our kids so having the redneck new year might just be the kind of unintended story that the great grandkids will have as a "dija hear the one about...".

Welcome to '06.

Steph said...

"One of the reasons we really wanted to go to a hotel was to swim in the pool and sit in the jacuzzi."
Swim in the pool?! In the middle of winter?! In Washington?! Are you crazy?!
I'm sorry...I was unable to read any further. I'm still trying to get my pansy ass used to the idea.

(Are you nuts?!)