Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do you know what's missing? Your breath. Your thoughts floating close to mine. The ever so slight glances you and I exchange before the laugh. The comfort of knowing where you are and that you're safe and sound.

The lights don't shine as brightly. The heater doesn't warm sufficiently. Even the best of music has a sad undertone. The candle flame loses it's flicker. Every minute takes an hour. Every heartbeat is a sad, empty echo.

What I'm missing is you. Your presence, my sweet and lovely child. What's missing is you.

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Ame said...

it never really does go away ... the pain and longing. we learn to fill the empty space with other things, but it's never the same.

i am so very sorry. i cannot imagine the depths to which you do and have miss(ed) your kids.

may God fill you and bless you with a supernatural, inexplicable peace that surpasses all understanding this New Year's Eve and Day.