Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Geography and Photography

Let me try to explain to you where I am five days a week. Ready? Okay, play along with me. Hold out your right hand like you did in elementary school when you were supposed to trace it with your pencil to make a turkey at Thanksgiving time. Now fold all your four fingers in half and pretend like your thumb is twice as thick as it is. Got it? Your hand now looks like the state of Washington. No really, it does! See that space between your thumb and your index finger? That body of water is called Puget (pronounced pew-jet) Sound. The island I have the privilege to deliver to in my little brown truck is located right there in that sound. If your hand were actually land, the island is attached (with a bridge) about half way up your bent index finger. It has some amazing scenery. Here's just a sample...isn't springtime great??


Lori said...

It's beautiful and reminds me of my childhood days.

My brother has spoken often of Puget Sound. He really loves Washington. One day I WILL get up there to see him.

Happy deliveries!

P.S. And yes, I did do the whole thing with my hand!

Ame said...

How CLEVER!!! That hand thing is cool ... really, VERY clever!

You know ... your life, it's pretty rough, but somebody's gotta live it! ;)

McSwain said...

Wow. Two bald eagles together, even. Lucky.

stephanie said...

Dude - are you talking about Whidbey? Because that's where I grew up...

I noticed your comment on Hildebrand Rd. and clicked through to your site. Kismet. eh?

Beautiful pics, by the way, no matter how familiar they may be :)

John said...

Yes Stephanie, that would be Whidbey!
What a strange coincidence! :)