Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Post About A Post

Even an ordinary thing can become something beautiful. For instance, this fence post. At first glance it was just another in a long line of posts. Upon closer inspection, however, it is clearly different. When lined up properly, it's flaw--the hole in it--allows you to see something you simply can't see through the others. Thank God for the hole He's creating in you because, given the right perspective and the right moment, someone's going to see something beautiful beyond the hole.

p.s. It also never hurts to have a bright, shining light overhead either :)


Anonymous said...

Nice post John. Notice both the hole and the glory remain. Both / And. Hope is only hope in the face of dispair and grace only grace in the face of judgement. On can not know warmth unless they have been dipped in cool....or cherish sunlight unless the night was long. Without the hole and your right alignment is just another meaningless something on the skyline. The hole gives it meaning and value.

Thanks for the chance to type a message to myself. Keep writing.


McSwain said...

There's a saying that the great quilt-makers intentionally make a flaw in their work--a color that's not quite perfect, a seam that's a little bit off. No one seems to be sure the background of this idea, but I've heard it attributed to the Amish, Mennonites and to the Native Americans. There are a few explanations: that it would be an affront to God to make something perfect because only he is, and that it mimics the human condition. My favorite explanation, though, is that a flaw somehow makes it more interesting and beautiful.

Thank you for another picture. Did you get a new camera?

I'm full of holes. Does that make me holy?

Ame said...


this made me smile!

Lori said...

Thank you for this post.
I needed it today...

John said...

McSwain-I didn't get a new camera...I used my brother's (hence the digital dating in the corner), but soon I hope to get a new one for myself.
I almost referenced 'holey' in the story, too, but resisted :)

McSwain said...

Pfft. I thought digital dating was that thing my ex-husband is always doing on

BTW, when I clicked to enlarge the photo, I noticed the "Knot So Good" title. Very clever you are. And that tree just happens to be perfectly in the eye of that knot.

Amy Storms said...

Thanks for stopping by, and for your words! Love this "post about a post" too.--Quite insightful. :)