Saturday, March 22, 2008

Do you ever wonder what those two days were like? Those two days Jesus spent in hell for things he didn't do? Not only did he die a horrendous death for being perfect, but then he had to bring those sins to hell and defeat Satan and his legion of demons as proof that he was indeed The Christ. There were no Pharisees or high priests or even true disciples there to witness it. It wasn't something done so as to be recorded for posterity. But it needed to be done. Death had to be defeated in order for us to live. Jesus wasn't quietly laying behind a stone trying to figure out how to escape his burial cloths, he was fighting for the future of eternity. He was fighting to ensure that everything he ever said and did up to that point was true and He did it for you and for me. He fought death and won! It seems like our Christianized version of the event is sanitized to the point of making it into a glorified fairy tale. I know that Jesus languished in hell for me, because of me, so that he could spend eternity with me. It is the only identity I will ever need.

Happy Easter.


Lori said...

Very true...and humbling for us all. I was listening to some old tapes of when I used to sing in our church cantata and the music and words are so powerful it moved me to tears. We do tend to glorify our stories to make them easier to bear when in truth, it was horrific.

He is risen, indeed.

McSwain said...

Something I've thought about often. I also wonder what it was like for hell's inhabitants to be in the presence of God as He defeated them.

Ame said...

you know ... i don't think i've ever thought about that before ... about what Jesus was doing from death till life. thanks