Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Life out the door

I used to wonder as a kid, what my dad saw and thought and did during a day at work. Maybe someday my kids will wonder the same thing, so I take my camera with me sometimes to chronicle the what I saw part of my day. These last few weeks we've been blessed with some enormously beautiful days. Here's a sampling of what I get to look at out the open door of my truck.

Isn't it perrrrty?

Maybe even...artistic?


Pete said...

Qwyte Prettie, actually. Nice photos bro. Enjoying the 80s of So Cal this week but wandering around the southland is much different than wandering around Skagit County. A person needs to fight two hours of traffic not two minutes of it to get to the natural beauty of the area. I heard this morning that snow fell last night at Mammoth Lakes. Ahhh, the Sierra Nevadas: that's good competition for the Puget Sound!

Later gator. Hatstikamoi.

Steph said...

Those are beautiful! You sure have a way with a camera.
We would never see that kind of open land down here!

Jay said...

It certainly is pretty; you're lucky you don't have to sit and stare at an office rubber tree all day long.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bridge. And the sunset is just spectacular. Who wouldn't want to just sit somewhere and watch that all day?? Maybe with some strawberries and chocolate for dipping?? Now we're talking.