Monday, October 23, 2006

Book Titles by R.B. Trary

Remember as a kid, those cheesy book titles followed by their extra cheesy authors? You know...

...Yellow River by I.P. Freely

Under The Bleachers by Semour Butz, etc.?

Well, today I thought of a few, more up to date versions...

-The Press Is Always Right by Condy Cending

-No First Names by Anderson Cooper

-Where Have All The Soldiers Gone? by Tupac Tharebags

-There Were No Weapons by Reed Mylips

-It Comes Back Around by Boomer Ang

-Hiding In The White House by Juneau Wariam

-What Did You Step In? by Ishmael Sinnear

-Tracking Bin Laden by Chase N. Araynbo

-I Am Not A Snob by Art C. Fahrtse

-This Time We'll Get Him by Terry Gozagen

-Whistles In My Head by Wendy Windblows

-He's Still President by Wyatt Neverwerks

-Hillary's Last Dance by Ben Thayer and Don That

-Mission Accomplished by Ugatta B. Kidden

-You're Gorgeous George! by Wendell Ites-Gowowt

...I'm sure you guys can think of some more. Come on! This'll be fun :)


Anonymous said...

"How to leave a party" by Eye Gottagoe

"Looking Good" by C. Metye Mybowtye

"Pretty Ladies" by Ewe Sure-Rooknice (Japanese Version)

"Baby Men" by Ima GonnaPout

"Five Paths to Depression" by Wellits Hopeless

"Why I like John" by Iva Gotstyle



freeman said...

Warning Track by Barely Bonds

Ribs and Other Jokes by Barbie Q

Nobody's Home by Bertha Lightson

Why Vice Presidents Retire by Hal Iburton

Commitment by Will Iteverbe

The Road to Uncertainty by Don Chano

freeman said...

The World's Best Jokes by Shirley Ujest

Seven Habits: One for Each Day of the Week by Ima Nunn

The Insect Wars by Bugsy Knowles

Avoiding Redundant Reduplication by Iree Peet II

freeman said...

Triathletes by Willie Makit III

Real Estate Secrets that Really Aren't by Yuan A. House

How To Plant Weeds in Your Neighbor's Yard by Dan D Lyons

The Story Behind George Washington's Dentures by Woody N Cisor

work in progress said...

I got nothin' this isn't my specialty.

Happy belated birthday!

freeman said...


I Got Nuthin' by Ben Thinkin

freeman said...

The School of Hard Knocks by Alyson Ecksteim

The School of Hard Knocks by R U Holmes

Naivity by Beatrice Tingsol

Not a Dime in My Pocket by Phil & Ann Thropee

What Goes Around Comes Around by Mark Mywardd

If It Ain't Broke by Jimm Fixx

Teaching Seniors to Exercise by Jim Nazium

Book Titles with Interesting Names by Lex Icahnn

freeman said...

Nuances by George Straight

Sitting on the Fence by C. Minnie Gates

OK, one more and I'll be done for ahwile.

I like writing this kind of thing because it challenges me to listen not to words but to their meanings. Their multiple meanings. Their shades of meaning. Being the son of immigrants (as is John) whose humor seems to have always revolved around the timing and double meanings of words (as is John's), wandering through the English language to create titles like this is almost as easy putting my foot on the gas when the light turns green. Thanks John for getting this "juan" started.

The one I'm ending with is one that comes with a pen name and public internet name I choose to use regularly. For anyone reading this, you see it in my blogger signature 'freeman'. I use it to subscribe to newsletters and magazines. It truly does carry meaning for me because the juxtaposition (I love that word: juxta is a latin word for 'near') and contradiction of the two terms is something I see alot in my daily world.

Here goes:

Impossible Choices by Will Freeman


Determined to Just Let Life Be by Will Freeman


Slave To Independent Thought by Will Freeman

Remember the cartoon 'Calvin and Hobbs'? Who do you think the author named the characters after? Ahh, the meaning of the cartoon characters changes once you know the men they represent. N joi.

freeman said...

Bright Ideas About Geneology by Eddie Sohn

Does Hell Exist? by Sinbad N. Frye

Twelve Steps and Other Remodeling Recovery Projects by A.A. Hammersmyth

The Largest Icebergs in History by C. Walberg

Uses for Recycled Tires by I. C. Treadwell

freeman said...

The Difference Between Psychology and Psychiatry by R. U. Nutts

How to Keep Your Projects On Track by Howie Duenn

My Life as a Marine Corps Barber by Buzz Kutzemal