Saturday, July 08, 2006

Let's Jump In!

Last week my son and I went to this creek to hike and and explore and generally just be boys. When we first reached the creek we noticed this manmade 'bridge' to a safe spot in the middle, so we carefully inched our way across, being very careful not to get wet. The water was cold after all. Cold enough to take your breath away at first. As we meandered our way up toward the waterfall at the head of this creek, we found that it was going to be impossible to navigate our way up and stay completely dry. Not that we didn't try. We would stand at a crossing point and point out ways we could possibly make it. "If we step on that little gray rock and then stretch across to that ugly dark one...." "No, no, dad. See that one just barely under the water? Step there then jump to that log and then across to that ugly dark one..." Well, it wasn't long before we abandoned our efforts to stay dry. And when I say abandoned, I mean reckless abandon. Before long we were pushing each other off rocks and finding ourselves completely submerged in freezing cold creek water. And you know what? We got a few bumps and scrapes from the rocks, but after a while the water wasn't that cold. Really. We soaked it in.

I showed my son this picture a couple of days later. He laughed and said, "Look at how careful I'm being! Remember at the beginning how much work we put into not getting wet?! That's ridiculous, the getting wet was the funnest part!" It's funny, I think, how many times I need to re-learn this life lesson for myself. How much effort I put forth into not getting wet. Not having my breath stolen from me. Wanting to stay in control. The rocks are sharp, I don't want to get hurt. The water's cold and harsh, but you know what? After a while you not only get used to it, it's refreshing. I'm jumping back in with reckless abandon, because the getting wet is truly the funnest part.


Anonymous said...

nicely done. Now I can do devo's with some solid content.
1 John 7:8

Thanks for the thoughts.

Kovats said...

Have a few memories myself like this the age it seems you fellow is. The streams around my childhood home are not so chilly but I get your point. You must in the the north somewhere from the photo.

I am glad to have discovered your blog and may become a regular reader.

Steph said...

Kind of reminds me of your post on wanting to be balanced. A "balanced" person would would walk that makeshift bridge, careful not to upset how he think things should go. A "balanced" person would not have created this special memory for his son.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said Steph...and in context with John's wildly good heart that is emanicipating daily. I am half way through a glass of wine and will toast the out of balance way to balance things. Cheers! (Whoops, needed a little more balance to not stain the carpet.)Mark

work in progress said...

Ah, but your son learned a lesson while you remembered one you had already learned.

It was a learning experience for you

John said...

Mark-yeah, you know me, always Mr. solid content ;)

Kovats-you are right in guessing that I'm some where in the north--northwest Washington to be exact, where the water is glacier fed. Thanks for your comment.

Steph-I'm still learning how to be out of balance. Not quite as good at it as you yet, but you're a great example to me :)

WIP-It was most definitely a learning experience for us both. I'm sure his lessons will learned in the memories of this day.