Friday, June 23, 2006

I Forget

Every perfect now and then I get to feel like a child while being an adult. It takes some forgetting to get there, but you can make it happen. Forgetting that your age has nothing to do with how much child is left in you. Forgetting that what others think of you has nothing to do with who you really are. That only God knows who you really are. Or maybe it takes remembering. Remembering to stop and lay in the grass and watch clouds change into a hundred different animals in a matter of minutes, just for you. Oh, and the way the grass makes you itch and how much you don't care that it does. For that matter, you don't much care about anything but that very moment. You are lost in your imagination and there's no guilt or anguish for as far as you can see. Just blue sky, clouds and you.

When did we forget? Is is safer not to savor? Maybe I'm just childish, but I'm going to savor this day, this life.


Anonymous said...

Me too. Like a glass of good wine...make it last. Mark

Shakespeare said...

It's important to enjoy life now and then. The adult world comes with so many stresses, and so much chaos. I like to go to the swings and stay there for a while and just have fun!

Kovats said...

Poetry. Thanks.

Jewel said...

Beautiful, lovely post. I am a child at heart and have tried to instill this same attribute in our son. Savor the simple things each day. Like this morning....I opened the back door and there was our faithful companion Rocky more thrilled to see me than anyone might think possible, tail wagging ferociously and his lively pink tongue hungry to lick good mornings all over me! So I let him....*smile*

Pete VM said...

Why is it that the world of psychology focuses on our "parent tapes" when focusing on child tapes would bring so much more positive thought for most of us?

I wish I could put more of those child tapes into my adult tivo world and skip all the commercial...ism.

...just keep hittin' rocks over the barn bro.