Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Six Questions

I 'borrowed' this from another blog...
  1. Why did you get out of bed this morning? I knew that in order to get 'buff' you actually have to work out, not just dream about it.
  2. What was your first thought? Yeah, but it's only 5 friggin' 12 in the morning!
  3. What were the first 5 things you did? 'Used the facilities', made my lunch, threw a load of laundry in the washer, fed the cat, went to workout.
  4. If you could choose to do anything with your day, what would it be? I'd hang out with my kids...just to be with them.
  5. If you could choose anything to be today, what would you be? I would choose to be me.
  6. What did you do today for someone else? I prayed for every person I saw that I thought looked sad, or lonely, or afraid. And also for a friend who is still very young who found out he has bone cancer today. I sent text messages to my kids and my friend.


Steph said...

Hey, silly - I think YOU'RE supposed to answer the questions. But okay, I'll go.....

1. I got out of bed this morning ONLY because I had to get my little girl to school. I have a feeling that if she had a day off, I'd still be chasing sleep.
2. My first thought was that, although Nyquil used to be my best friend when I was sick, it now keeps me awake instead of putting me to sleep.
3. a)answered my phone (which rang WAY too early). b)brushed my teeth. c)went in my little girl's room and smooched her awake. d)turned on my laptop. e)got in the shower.
4. If I could choose to be anything today it would be my daughter's best friend.
5. What did I do today for someone? I called someone who gave me a really cool present for my birthday and told him how much I've used it since then, and what a great gift it was. Then I thanked him again for it and some other things that he's done for me in the past.

John said...

Thanx Steph! Evidently I forgot to turn on my brain.