Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Things I Hate...

...hate is such a strong word, but sometimes it just appropriate. Here's a non-exhaustive (although by the time I'm done you might be exhausted) list of some things I hate.

I hate...

...when my kids are in any sort of pain.
...hurting someone I love.
...being misunderstood.
...making the same mistake twice.
...how much of a fool I feel like when I do.
...when pain owns the heavy end of the scale.
...closing my eyes and seeing someone I love and knowing that may be the only way I'll ever see them again.
...opening my eyes after that.
...gravel pizza (I'll explain later)
...when a friend has a need and there's nothing I can do about it.
...the sound of the word 'lonely'.
...knowing I've wronged someone I love, but not knowing how.
...how many children die everyday.
...how many people I call friend will go to hell.
...that faith is seen as a weakness.
...tears that I'm a part of.
...that I get to see so little of my kids.
...that it can't be 80 degrees year-round.
...that love is so complex and elusive.

That's a good start. Let me hear some of your 'hates'!


Anonymous said...

John, I will be a regular reader of the jvmind. Can't wait.

I hate that some of the things you hate you know enough about to hate them. I hate that....and understand that.

good work


Steph said...

I hate stupid people.
More to follow.

Anonymous said...

......getting older

Tom said...

voyqpBe carefull what you wish for. I lived in an area where it was 80 year around and it almost blew my house down,,,, twice!!

freeman said...

I hate ...
...that so many people love to hate and hate to love.
...that life gets shorter and longer at the same time.
...passtrroo (ask John!)
...people who live stupidly because they refuse to take time to think...or enjoy.
...constant dreary gray days.
...winter in the Northwest.
...that it took me so long in life to not be defensive or intimidated by authorities or assumptions.
...that bodies start creaking.
...that I need to work out the equivalent of 3 weeks a year for the next 20 years in order to live a year longer (...the year I lost working out!)
...that my daughter is at college and becoming an adult without me.
...that hard work doesn't necessarily get rewarded.
...that people decide to impose their morality on me.
...that people decide to impose their morality on me on the freeway...in the fast lane.
...that people work so hard at living by grace.
...that Christians can't see how much their beliefs are so much like everyone else's.
...that there's so much dogmatism that can't stand up to sustained scrutiny.
...that intimacy is a lost art and that people aren't willing to become creative artists with it.
...that communication is such a delicate science.
...that communication has no guarantees (actually I love that it doesn't because it means the unpredictable can come visit once in a while! - but we'll need to wait for John to start a "things i love..." blog.
...that I'm not able to just sit and comfortably talk with my daughter more often.

...to see people hurting emotionally.
...to see people not see that they're hurting themselves emotionally.
...that people need so damn many answers when it's really okay to live with just an understanding of the choices.

...that I understand what Mark meant when he responded to John :-)

...that I need to quit now.

Later, pvm

Steph said...

I hate when people don't take control of their lives and then complain that their lives are out of control.

I hate when people make life changing decisions without considering how they may be damaging their children.

I hate being behind someone on a freeway onramp who is going 30 MPH below the speed limit.

I hate complacency, apathy, and cruelty.

I hate when I don't learn from my mistakes.

I hate the lessons I do learn from my mistakes, while I'm learning them.

I hate that I have to worry about my daughters' safety in places that should be safe.

Can we do things we love next?

John said...

Wow people! These are great! Can I add one more? Please??

I hate that we can't all be sitting in the same room enjoying each others' company at times like this.