Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hi!...on coffee.

It's Saturday morning again and you know what that means, don't you? It means it's no longer Friday night and it's not yet Saturday afternoon, that's all. And for reasons I can't quite explain (nor do I really even know), I feel like writing in this here little blog of mine. So here goes....

It's a lovely little morning on my patch of earth. I'm on my third cup of coffee--and when I say 'on', I mean in a way that would imply that it is my drug of choice...because it IS!!-- Anyway, I mention that fact because this post may be as random as random can be. And what does that even mean?? It means that for the next few keyboard-clicking minutes I shall try to turn off the edit button in my brain so as to be my ridiculous self.

Did I mention that it's a bright and sunny morning? You may have assumed that, since I did say it was lovely, but one must never assume such things so early in the morning. Well, it's a bright and sunny morning and I've watered all my living, growing plants and I'm thinking about going out to tackle the lawn. (Isn't that a funny saying? "Tackle the lawn"....can you imagine me running and sliding and trying to actually tackle the lawn?) And, since I'm thinking about it, that should be enough, because, you know what they say, "it's the thought that counts". I used to tell my kids that I was thinking about buying them a car for their 16th Birthday, too.

Did you know that duct tape makes for a great hole patch for a pair of shorts? I have found that to be true...except on hot days. The non-sticky side of the tape tends to stick to your leg when it warms up. Just a little FYI, in case you were wondering.

My son and I were talking this week about how it is that a big part of our family's humor is in the creative use of language; twists of phrases, puns, sarcasm, etc. and it got me to thinking as to why that might be so. My earliest recollection of how it happened to me is this: I was reading a cheesy little joke book as a kid--and, if you must know, it wasn't really cheesy or I would have eaten it...if I liked cheese--but, I digress. The joke I remember went something like this--The teacher asked her class how they would punctuate the following sentence: 'There was a ten dollar bill lying on the sidewalk', to which Johnny raised his hand and replied, "I'd make a dash after it!!". For whatever reason that little (and, yes, cheesy) joke shook something loose in my brain about how words, when used just so, can take something mundane and normal and turn it into something funny. Sometimes I'm SO deep :)

Speaking of words, have you notice that a lot of what used to be verbs have become nouns, and vice versa? You can 'friend' someone now, for example. And to 'text' someone is now a possibility. But I guess it's not really a new phenomenon. We say that a piece of literature was 'penned' by so and so. (I'd like to meet this Mr. so and so...he's written some good stuff!) You can go for a 'walk', or go to a 'dance'. Am I overusing my apostrophe? I'm going to change the subject, you know, for the sake of my apostrophe.

I get to go hiking today with my son, my daughter and her fiance. Yes, I said fiance. (Actually, I typed it.) Next summer, at a yet-to-be-determined place on a yet-to-be-determined date, my little baby girl will become a woman with a different last name. A bride. A wife. Another man's baby. And I believe there will be two of me at that wedding. Yes, I will be beside myself. Outwardly I may be cool, calm and collected (and even that is suspect), but inwardly? Can you say puddles? Can you say pools? Can you say rivers...of tears? Not that I am sad that she is an adult who can and will make adult decisions, it's just that it will be hard to share her with yet another man who is not ME. But today, today I will enjoy with keen ears, her laughter; with keen eyes, her beauty; with soft and aching heart, her need to be more than my baby girl. I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

How did it go? Sue M

John said...

It went well Sue. I'm working on a followup post. :)

Anonymous said...

Followup posts are good. ;-)
Mom C