Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Painting A Bigger Picture

Today as I was painting the wall in my living room I was thinking. And here's how it came out:

Can a person be a believer in the theory of Evolution and still be alarmed by global warming?

The theory decries that the most fit things continue to evolve and survive. Yet the Earth, in an attempt to rid itself of the very thing (humanity) that is killing it, evolves to a point where those Earth-killers are extinguished, did it (the Earth) not prove that it was indeed the fittest? So why all the fuss? Isn't this the way things were supposed to go, according to their theory?

I, for one, feel badly for people who think 'the bigger picture' only includes Earth and it's inhabitants. I hope their picture evolves into something more.


Cheryl said...

Off topic, but I'm liking your playlist. Except the Alan Jackson song makes me cry.

John said...

Me too...I mean, about 'Remember When' :)

Steph said...

Because sadly humans have "evolved" to the point of egocentricity. We're so busy trying to dominate that which we could never really have any power over, and in the process, losing sight of the big picture - the real picture.

Yeah, that's vague and probably makes no sense, but hey I'm tired. :)