Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sweet Dreams

I'm a guy who can sleep almost anywhere. I mean, I fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Put a book in my hands and I can fall asleep sitting on a rock! I did it just this morning right here in front of my house. When I travel I can sleep at a stranger's or a friend's house without a problem. I think I can probably sleep standing up. Sleep has never been the problem.

Dreaming is a completely different story. I'm not talking average, run of the mill dreams here...I can do those. I'm talking big dreams. The kind of dreams people ask you about. You know, like when someone says, "What have you always dreamed of doing? Where have you always dreamed of going?" I never have an answer because I don't have those kinds of dreams. At least not until now. I have never allowed myself the luxury of drifting outside my self-made parameters. Oh certainly I can wish for things, but that's not the same as dreaming. Dreaming involves lofty heights and boundless possibilities and dreamy scenarios. Or so I once thought. Now I'm pretty sure I do have dreams, it's just that they are less lofty in nature. I dream about being steady and consistent; about being kind and sincere; about leading with integrity and being honest about my struggles; about loving God and wanting what He wants more than anything else.

Come to think of it...those are pretty lofty dreams!


Cheryl said...

They are lofty dreams! And perhaps they'll allow you to drift out of self-made parameters and into God-made parameters. Good book I see, sitting there on that rock. I seem to remember it started as a series of radio lectures... Come to think of it, perhaps I'll go dig out my copy. It's been a while.

I see the caps are back. Hoping that's a good sign.

John said...

Yes it is a good book. Not exactly 'light reading', but it definitely sheds a lot of light.

Yes the caps are back!!! I'm getting a little bit more mobility...slowly :)