Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Slight Light

Though the sky is dark, the night is bright.

Tonight I had dinner with my sons. That is 'sons' with an s. Now, normally that is not something to write home about for most people, but alas, I am not writing home AND, I am not most people.

My oldest boy hasn't--or hadn't until tonight--spoken a word to me in fifty days. Fifty. Days!
Whoever said silence is golden was color blind. Silence is black. But tonight there is a hint of color in my world.

Though what we shared was small talk, it was huge to me. If you're a parent you know the value of open communication with your kids. It's in the daily talk and banter that you can get a sense of their well being physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually.

Tonight the door cracked open ever so slightly. And light is seeping in.


Ame said...

John - this is awesome ... there has to be a beginning somewhere.

Lori said...

I cannot imagine the heartache that comes with the silence from a child. But I do know what it's like to watch your child hurt...and not be able to do anything about it.

Remember when they were little? It was so easy to fix whatever was wrong with a few words, a kiss, or a cookie. It doesn't quite work that way when they're older...and it's tough.

I'm glad that the light is coming back. Sometimes it only takes a small ray to begin to warm the soul.