Monday, December 10, 2007

There's a frozen fog hanging heavy outside my window tonight. But I am nestled inside my warm little house as the fire crackles in the woodstove. The little white lights on the Christmas tree and three flickering candles are the only lights in the house. It's a scene of warmth that should be shared. I am quiet and restful and satisfied. Mostly.

I miss my kids on nights like this.


McSwain said...

I hear you. My son is with me most of the time, but on the weekends when he's with his dad it's tough. I enjoy the freedom on Saturday morning and by Sunday night I'm melancholy and wishing he were there.

Anonymous said...

You were not alone last night. I felt it also. Mostly satisfied. The aloneness aches more than the cold.


Lori said...

These are the kind of nights that I love. And sometimes it's nice to be alone with the moment and your thoughts. But there are also things that the soul needs to share.

(Awhile back I wrote something called "Lonely or Alone?" It's on the sidebar at my blog, when you have time and want something to read. I think that you would understand what it conveys...)