Sunday, March 18, 2007

Things I've Been Thinking...

I have been at sort of a lull here for some time in my writing, but that doesn't mean my mind has stopped (thank God), it just means that I can't seem to nail down a particular subject to write about. So I thought I'd just jot down a few things I've been thinking about writing about. They are all 'still in the oven'...Not quite fully baked as of yet, so....You may never get the full skinny, but here are some random samplings and, I must warn you, some of them are as ridiculous as the very fingers that have the chore of bringing them to bear.

-What is it that causes us to bring something that we believe in intellectually down that little chute connecting our heart with our brain? I mean, it's easy to believe in things factually without them affecting our life, but what about things like love, faith, drive, influence? Since our mind is responsible for things like thinking and deciding, it would follow naturally that letting something MATTER to us deeply is something that is merely decided upon by our brain. I'm really beginning to doubt that though...There may be a physical disconnect of heart and head, but you can't simply live exclusively from one or the other. This may be a 'duh' moment for some of you, but, whatever. I've been thinking about it.

-Here's a real deep one for ya...What's the difference between a crow and a raven? And, No! You can't Google it! And why is that some names of things seem to have been given on days when all the good scientists had the day off...For instance--an orange, a blackbird, a bug, a warthog!

-What if we all started acting as if today really was the last day of your life? I mean, don't you think we'd get used to that kind of intensity? Wouldn't it be nice not to have to hold back so much? To not worry or wonder or care if what your friends said was really true? People who say 'what you see is what you get' are lying. Nobody is one dimensional. I've never seen a person with words like--liar, slightly neurotic, impulsive, ignorant, calloused, deep or even genuine--written in everything they do and say.

-Wouldn't it be nice if the word 'border' had never been invented? Or 'mine', or 'yours' ? We all share the same rain and earth and sky and pain, but because mine is mine and yours is yours I want to keep it from you so the borders are intact. We all want a world without war and yet we will defend an OPINION to the death and to hell with the consequences as long as I'm right!

Hey, I told you I was going to tell you what I've been thinking about. I never said it was going to be syrupy and sappy...And since I brought it up, what's the difference between syrupy and sappy? Isn't syrup just sap?

The End.



Anonymous said...

John, I'm and will be thinking about these things with you and a few others as you might imagine. Answerless questions, as you have offered here, are a constant companion.

Your a good man and I love that you blog.


Steph said...

Okay, that pisses me off. I just lost a three paragraph comment! :(
Alright, since I have nothing but time on my hands right now at work, I'll try to repeat it...

I have always said about myself that 'what you see is what you get.' And I've always thought that to be true, because I'm honest and direct. But lately people very close to me have said I'm hard to read. That's funny to me because I feel like I have it all out there.
I would have also said about you 'what you see is what you get.' You have no pretense. You are very genuine. The character we see when we look at you is who you actually are, just deeper on the inside. What do you think?
And no, I didn't re-write the whole thing - the other part was a piece of Nini trivia :) OH - who, by the way, now has a broken nose and a broken hand. Uh-huh. That's my girl.

Anonymous said...

Hey....I want to hear more. Mark

Ame said...

Okay, yeah, well, that "no border" thing sounds great ... till my kids are whinig and arguing and following me around like we are magnetically attached or something ... and I'm a wonderin where that button is that will put up an invisible, sound-proof field around me!!! tehehehehehe

I have NO idea the difference btw a crow and a raven ...