Saturday, January 27, 2007

What?? Another Post? Already???!!!

Yeah, I know, it might be too soon. What with the rash of comments I've been getting on my posts lately I can hardly keep up!

It seems that my mind (both this one and that pea-sized thing in my head) have become blank slates. I wish there were some sort of rational reason, but take a look at both of those words....Go ahead, I dare ya...They both require brain activity, duh! Sometimes I'm just as dumb as a post. Hmm, do you suppose that might be a play on words?...Nah!

So, why am I here clicking these keys with letters on them, you might ask? And boy am I glad you did! The reason is simple: it's too windy to stack feathers, it's too wet to shot-put sand, and I can't dance!! Interpreted: I'm bored out of my head!

Tell me then, oh faithful reader(s), what is like to have a life? And how can I go about getting one too? I'm a guy with a sense of humor and a sense of adventure too (not to mention a funny looking face), so where is step one on the map out of this place called the doldrums? Should I go crawl up on my roof and howl at the moon (which is splenderful tonight, I might add)? Should I get the garden hose out and water down the road in front of my house so it freezes and then laugh with glee (you remember her..She never comes over anymore either) as the unsuspecting speeders spin out of control and then call 911 and take credit for being a hero? Should I just crack open a bottle of wine? Nah, then it'll spill all over the place. Can you see my dilemma here? Can you feel the frustration level rising? So TELL ME already!!!

If I don't get at least ONE comment I'm going to go take a bath in the goo from a million Advil gelcaps just to deaden the pain.


lynda r. said...

John, my friend and driver, you are obviously suffering from winter. the hip name is "seasonal affective disorder" SAD and it won't last forever. What you need my friend is HOPE...Spring will come. did you notice that there is light in the sky after 5 pm? I'll try to arrange a delivery to cemetery road and after looking at the new arrivals you will once again notice that we are truly the lucky ones.

Lynette said...

Ah, wise words elder sister! John, I'm not going to tell you what I do when those "living-in-a-vacuum" feelings creep in. It might give you some worse ideas than the gelcap-goo-bath thing. (Although that does sound interesting!) My advice is... it sounds like you need some CONNECTION. Call a friend or brother and ask them to howl at the moon, pull pranks, or crack open a bottle of wine with you. You also might try taking a class such as writing, art, music or a foreign language. Get plugged in at a church. You are not alone in the universe, although sometimes it feels that way. Reach out to someone... you will be blessed (and they will, too)!

Anonymous said...

John, I'll trade you a little boredom for a little activity. Thanks for writing....again. it tells me there is life there.


Pete Vander Meulen said...

I was going to leave a post but I couldn't find my posthole digger.

So now I'm in the hole... and speaking of my bank account... it's on account a ewe...which is different than a count to ten... or a count of Monte Cristo...and that means it's time to order some breakfast, woodn't ewe say... ik oak (dutch word for wood, idn it?) ...and whoever mentioned al in the family doesn't have a clue that it's really all dirt...but we'll keep the dirty laundry in the bag...oh yeah, speaking of being in the bag, think I'll go have a beer. Brilliyant!

Lori said...

I hadn't read this post before. But I do understand what you mean. I have been in this place many times, and imagine I'll be in it many more before life is through. I've always had a feeling that there is something 'out there' that I'm meant to do, but sometimes the fog seems so thick I can't see through to get to whatever it is. I agree with a fellow 'commenter' - get connected. That doesn't mean jump into the middle of a crowd, but find one soul connection that 'gets' you...and that is a beginning.